2015 MA3 Elections

Time to vote for new board members. Email your nomination along with a photo and a bio to BJ Smith at itsabjnailthing2@gmail.com by Jan 15th. Be sure the person has interest in being on the BOD before you email the nomination.

The Current Board of Directors

President:  Diana Troyk     Vice President:  Darran Wardle     Secretary:  Open     Treasurer:  BJ Smith  Membership:  Joey Ogburn     Ranking:  Beesh Frischman     Newsletter:  Mike Sabo

MA3 Member Flyer

Great News!

We are excited to announce our New MA3 Club Affiliation program.  Just a few of the new incentives MA3 will be offering to members this year, participation in the Insurance Program, Ranking System and Postal Matches.   Some restrictions may apply.   Please contact us for more information.  

Ranking with MA3 

Four Student Levels & Eight Horse Archer Levels

Click Here For Information

Ranking Pins