Great News.

Starting January 2015 MA3 will have a club sanctioning Program with insurance.  

If you have ever wanted to start a club and needed insurance for your facility or barn 1st of the year is your chance. 

MA3 is the largest horseback archery club in the Americas.  It is our goal to help all those interested in horseback archery to experience this wonderful equestrian sport and martial art. Our main emphasis is placed on perfecting the skill of the archer as well as personal development which balances competition and cooperation as well as a spirit of partnership with the horse.

Horseback archery also provides a platform for building lasting friendships with people from all over the world.  On the International stage, from Mongolia, Hungary, Korea, all across Europe and here in the United States, mounted archery is growing. 

Get your brave on!  Come visit us at our next competition, event or clinic.  See with your own eyes this fun and exciting equestrian activity.  It may surprise you to know what you can do with a little heart, a little help and a little courage.                                          

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